Monster Tracks

Welcome to Monster Tracks, a thrilling game that tests your skills as you navigate through treacherous roads using aerial movements. Show off your skills and overcome all the obstacles on the infinite path to earn as many points as possible. We believe you're ready to take on this challenge!

How to play Monster Tracks

  • Be very careful when pressing hard on the pedal, as any improper force can cause the truck to roll backward and flip over. 
  • Adjust your speed to the terrain and you'll overcome this challenge in no time!
  • Study the route carefully, paying attention to obstacles such as bridges, boulders, logs, windmills, ramps, and of course, bodies of water. All these challenges can push you forward and even make you lose the game.
  • On the way, try to collect as many gold coins as possible. You can use that money to buy items at the store and upgrade your vehicle's strength, grip, and weight to easily overcome upcoming challenges.
  • After the game ends, don't forget to share the points you scored at Monster Tracks as well as the experiences you learned after playing with your friends! 


  • To steer forward, you can use W, D, X, Up Arrow, Right Arrow, or simply click.
  • To drive backward, use S, A, Z, Down arrow, or Left arrow.


  • Bright colors and beautiful graphics
  • The lively sound adds to the excitement of the game.
  • The gameplay is easy but attractive, making it perfect for players of all ages.
  • Get behind the wheel and take on the challenge of Monster Tracks!

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