Drift Boss

Drift Boss is a drifting game where players must control a car, overcome tricky corners and bumps, try to stay on the platform, and reach as far as possible.

How to play

Game goal and mechanics

In this game, the car will keep on moving automatically, and players only need to time its turn. Turn the car to the left or right at the right moments to avoid tricky corners and bumps. If you fall off the platform, you will lose the game. So try to stay on it as long as you can.

As you move and progress, you will encounter tricky bumps and ramps that require you to precisely time to overcome.

Rewards and upgrades

The further you can go, the more coins you will earn. Besides, you can access the game daily to get daily rewards or free spins. These rewards may be boosters or coins. You can use the coins you earned to buy upgrades and new vehicles. You can boost the car's performance to perform better. Or you can activate different boosters like Double Score, Car Insurance, or Coin Rush to make your run easier.


Hold the spacebar or click to go right.

Release the spacebar or click to go left.


  • Simple game controls
  • Simple and addictive gameplay
  • Different rewards and upgrades
  • Different cars to unlock

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