Drive Mad

Drive Mad is an exhilarating game that lets you unleash your inner speed demon. You'll need to deftly navigate through numerous obstacles to reach the finish line in one piece. If you're a fan of racing games, you'll love this game as it offers a lot of thrilling challenges.

How to play

Driving in Drive Mad requires both skill and strategy. To help you become a professional racer who can overcome any obstacle, here are some tips that will take your gameplay to the next level:

Game's controls: Ensure you have a firm grasp of the game's controls before taking part in a race. Keep in mind that speed is crucial for navigating obstacles successfully.

Prevent collisions: by steering clear of obstacles, walls, and other vehicles to avoid damaging your car. Maintain your focus, anticipate potential hazards, and maneuver your vehicle skillfully to steer clear of accidents.

Access new content: complete each level to unlock the next. As you progress, the levels will become increasingly challenging. Aim to unlock all 100 levels to achieve mastery in racing!

Master the controls

Accelerate: press the "Up" arrow key or the "W" key.

Brake or reverse, press the "Down" arrow key or the "S" key.

Grab your controller, prepare for some intense races, and immerse yourself in the thrill of the road.

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