Drive Mad 4

Drive Mad 4: FarAway is the latest part of a car game series Drive Mad where players must get behind the wheels, overcome challenging tracks, and reach the finish point.

How to play

If you’ve tried the previous part of the series, you must know how the game works. In this game, players control a four-wheel jeep, pass all challenges, and drive to the finish line.

However, it isn’t that simple. As this is the fourth part of the series, it brings even more challenges. Sometimes you will need to interact with items on the level to pass obstacles. Other times you need to speed up or slow down to avoid falling down or hitting obstructions.

Game Tips

The key to win the game is to know when to slow down and speed up. This is because even the slightest bump can lead your car to crash. However, you can try and restart a level as many times as you want. So be patient and try hard to complete all levels.

Try to remember the tracks and obstacles so that you are always ready for what’s ahead.


Use arrow keys or WASD or buttons on the screen to drive.

Press R to restart.

Can you beat all levels and challenges in Drive Mad 4? Play the game and share with us how far you can go!

This is one of the best car games to play!

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