Watermelon Game

Watermelon Game is a fun game that dares you to put various types of fruit into a box, but the ultimate goal is to reach the prized Watermelon and rack up the highest score imaginable. Remember, the more watermelons, the better your chances of scoring big. Fill the box with giant watermelons and score high on the leaderboard right away!

How to play Watermelon Game

  • When you first start the game, you'll be greeted with an empty box. But don't worry, it won't stay empty for long! Drop fruit into the box by using your mouse to click or tapping the screen. The position of the fruit will depend on you.
  • To score big, try merging two identical fruits together to create a larger fruit. If two fruits of the same kind touch, they'll merge into a bigger and better fruit.
  • The game will end if any of your fruit crosses the redline at the top of the Watermelon Game. So, be strategic and aim for the highest score possible.

Game Tips and Tricks

  • To succeed, you'll need to combine fruits quickly to create bigger and better ones, all while avoiding running out of space in the process.
  • Aim to create combos. Combos occur when you merge two or more fruits simultaneously. These combos will grant you a higher score compared to merging fruits individually.
  • Feel free to experiment and try different strategies to see what brings you the most enjoyment.


It's time to bring life and color to the game! Enjoy the thrill of watching the fruit fall into place and get ready for a fruity challenge like no other. Let the fruit-dropping fun begin in The Watermelon Game!

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