Taxi Driver: Master

Taxi Driver: Master is a thrilling driving simulation game. Follow the green arrow direction to pick up passengers and receive money. You will experience the life of a professional driver.

How to Play Taxi Driver: Master 

  • The objective is simple - pick up passengers and transport them to their desired locations as quickly and efficiently as possible. Follow the green arrow directions to locate your customers, then press the gas pedal to the floor and race through the city streets.
  • Park your taxi in the marked areas to pick up passengers, then drive at full speed to reach their destinations on time. Avoid accidents and collisions with obstacles, as any mishaps will cause you to lose precious time.

Game Features

  • Once you've earned enough money from successful deliveries, head to the garage and choose from 10 unique sports cars to unlock. Don't worry if you don't have enough funds - the game offers free rewards that can give you a boost.
  • In the settings, you can switch between different control modes to showcase your drifting skills or extreme driving techniques on the crowded city streets. For a more relaxed experience, simply switch to free mode and cruise around without any restrictions.


  • drive: WASD
  • handbrake: space
  • passenger search: R
  • change camera view: C
  • settings: T
  • pause: P

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