Stunt Car Extreme

Stunt Car Extreme is designed to push your car skills to the limit with its captivating tracks and exciting gameplay. Let's dive into the adrenaline-filled world of Stunt Car Extreme and explore what makes it the ultimate racing game.

About Stunt Car Extreme

  • Stunt Car Extreme offers a wide variety of entertaining and awe-inspiring tracks.
  • The main tracks are perfect for casual play, allowing players to enjoy the game at their own pace.
  • The bonus tracks provide a challenge and are designed to test players' skills to the extreme.
  • The bonus tracks offer high risks and high rewards.
  • Players can push their limits and conquer the most daring stunts.

Different Levels for Every Level of Skill

Stunt Car Extreme has something for everyone, from experienced racers to those who have never driven a car before. Everyone can play this game because it has different levels for each skill level. There are hard trial levels that will test your accuracy, easy speed levels for people who need to go fast, and even casual and fun jump ramp levels that are sure to be exciting. As you play through the rounds, you can expect more difficulties and fun!

Different Modes 

  • Daily Challenge Mode: Want some friendly competition? Daily challenge mode in Stunt Car Extreme covers you. Play against genuine gamers in this mode to show off your driving talents. Challenge yourself to beat the best. 
  • Cups Mode: Stunt Car Extreme's cups mode offers more furious racing. You'll race three competent drivers on three successive courses. You'll test your skills as you compete for the top rank.

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