Sky Riders

Sky Riders is a breathtakingly challenging racing game. Fasten your seat belt and prove your driving skills above the clouds. You will experience the ultimate levels of excitement in this game!

About Sky Riders

Sky Riders has a treasure trove of levels with increasing difficulty. You must firmly hold the steering wheel of many vehicles (cars and motorbikes) and bring them to their destination. Notice that your car is in the clouds. Use quick reflexes to avoid cliffs and keep your vehicle balanced. Emotional adventures and unforgettable races await you. Sky Riders promises a realistic and authentic experience.

Unique features

  • Drive bikes and cars in the sky
  • Challenge yourself with 30 dangerous routes
  • Realistic physics brings complexity
  • Perform breathtaking stunts


  • W or up arrow key = forward
  • S or down arrow key = back
  • A or left arrow key = move left
  • D or right arrow key = move right
  • Space = handbrake
  • Left mouse button = interact with in-game UI

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