Riders Downhill Racing

Riders Downhill Racing is a classic game where you can freely experience thrilling feelings. Immerse yourself in the vast space of the mountains and forests and pedal at full speed. Let's compete and receive the track's only trophy!

About Riders Downhill Racing

Riders Downhill Racing has many different game modes for you to choose from. Try out the free ride, race and career, available in both 1 player and 2 player modes. Experience the thrill of driving different vehicles, such as ATV bikes, dirt bikes, and speedboats, while wearing different outfits. Join any mode and have fun! Remember to collect diamonds during the free ride to unlock more items.

Game Controls

Player 1:

  • C - Camera
  • R - Restart
  • Tab - Switch
  • WASD - Movement
  • Q - Jump
  • E - Parachute

Player 2

  • K - Camera
  • U - Restart
  • Select - Switch
  • Arrow keys - Movement
  • I - Jump
  • P - Parachute

Category and Tags

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