Ride Mad 3

Ride Mad 3 is the latest off-road driving game brought to you by the talented Hudson23 from Fancade. Get ready to explore an exciting world filled with tons of new cars and challenging levels. Everything is waiting for you to master. Let the off-road madness begin!

Explore the exciting world of Ride Mad 3

Embark on a thrilling journey through treacherous terrain and unexplored roads as you drive the latest off-road vehicles in Ride Mad 3. With each level offering increasingly difficult challenges prepare to test your skills and push your limits to conquer it all.

Get behind the wheel: How to play

Navigate through diverse terrain and landscapes, each requiring precise steering and expert handling to avoid rollovers and collisions. Hone your driving skills, overcome head-on obstacles, and win in Ride Mad 3. With a combination of skillful movement and quick reflexes, you can conquer the challenges The challenge is waiting for you and you will become the ultimate off-road champion.

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