Rally Point 3

Rally Point 3 is the most vivid off-road racing simulation game. This is where you can freely show off your fast racing talent with the best and most expensive cars in the world. We have a huge collection of cars equipped with unlimited nitro.

How to play Rally Point 3

Get lost in sunny and windy lands, wild forests, beaches... Race quickly to the finish line, overcome obstacles and leave your opponents far behind in the dust. Be aware though! Too much nitro will overheat your car and cause an explosion... But be careful! Too much speed and power can cause you to fall. Using too much nitro boost can cause the car to overheat and explode.


Overcoming the challenges of Rally Point 3 is not easy. Therefore, master the controls to conquer the racing tracks:

  • Arrow keys / WASD - Drive
  • Shift / X - Drift
  • Space/Z - Nitro

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