Moto X3M 4

Moto X3M 4 is ready to take you on the wildest adventure of your life! Strap yourself onto your trusty two-wheeler and get ready to conquer challenging tracks filled with traps, ramps, explosives and some seriously deadly obstacles. It's a race against time to reach the finish line completely, my friends!

About Moto X3M 4 

  • Beautiful graphics and cool music
  • Unlockable Racers: unique abilities and style.
  • Intuitive Controls: easy to drive and balance.
  • Adrenaline-Pumping Gameplay

Unlockable Speed, Stars and Racers!

You must complete each level as fast as possible to earn those three precious stars. Those stars are your ticket to unlocking tons of awesome new racers. So, put the pedal to the metal and show off your skills to become the ultimate X3M racer!

Flip it like a pro!

In Moto X3M 4, you have the opportunity to showcase your agility by performing incredible front or backflips. Remember how to control your game. Every second counts, my friend, so flip your way to victory.

Spacebar = Respawn at the last checkpoint

Arrow = Drive/Balance


Moto X3M 4 is not your average racing game. It's a heart-pounding, thrill-seeking adventure that will leave you begging for more. So, get ready to conquer those mind-boggling tracks. Earn those three stars, unlock new racers, and become the ultimate X3M racer. This is your time to shine, my friend!

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