Moon City Stunt

Moon City Stunt is an enchanting car game set in the future. The player's task is to control a luxury car through roads lit with lights and moonlight. Moon City Stunt offers a 2-player mode for you to freely experience.

About Moon City Stunt

As the name suggests, you will be blown away because the game's graphics are very beautiful and modern. The bright lights and light from the giant moon will help you overcome challenges. Complete multiple levels and earn money from it. Use your assets to retrofit your car or unlock cool cars from another future. Dear fans who are passionate about speed and challenging themselves, what are you waiting for? Join this game right away?


Player 1: To move use arrow keys. You can move your super slice in the direction corresponding to the arrow keys when using them. Use the N key to Nitro. Use the B key to look back.
Player 2: To move use "W, A, S, D" keys. Use T KEY to Nitro. Use the C key to look back. Use the R key to redo.

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