Get The Milk

Get The Milk is the final mode of the Fancade Mad driving game series, with beautiful graphics and many improvements. The player still has the task of driving the truck to the store to get milk through 16 levels. But hold on tight, because this won't be your ordinary trip to the grocery store!

How to Play Get The Milk

You are responsible for guiding your vehicle along a course that features bridges and various obstacles. Remember, you can't simply drive a small pickup truck straight to the end of the road. Prepare yourself for a thrilling journey where you'll need to overcome multiple hurdles along the way via 16 levels.

Speed and Stopping Power

To conquer the hazards that lie ahead, you'll need to master both speed and stopping power. Be prepared to adjust your speed, accelerate when necessary, and apply brakes strategically. Only then can you navigate through the challenges and emerge victorious.

Overcoming Difficulties

As you progress through each level, you'll encounter different difficulties that will test your skills. From overcoming barriers to crashing through brick walls and navigating a complex bridge system over rivers, every obstacle will require your utmost focus and determination.

Survive and Reach the End Zone

Remember, the ultimate goal of each level is survival. Stay focused, adapt to the ever-changing environment, and make it to the end zone. Each phase presents a unique set of challenges, so be prepared to explore different approaches to achieve your goal.


To control your car, use the following keys:

  • Drive forward: W, D, X, or Up Arrow, Right Arrow, Click
  • Go back: S, A, Z, or Down Arrow, Left Arrow

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