Get Passed 2

Get Passed 2 is an extremely high-quality car driving game for skilled drivers. Immersed in pixel graphics, you will have to drive a tiny car over infinitely long distances. How far can you go?

About Get Passed 2

Your mission seems simple: drive your mini jeep on as long a road as possible. The road next to the sea is full of grass, flowers, and coconut trees, however, it is also very crowded with vehicles. It only has two main lanes. You must skillfully drive the hovercraft proficiently across two lanes to avoid vehicles going in the opposite direction. Be alert because if a collision occurs, the player will immediately end the game. You have to start again from the beginning. No one wants that, right?


  • Let the car go free: your vehicle is in the right lane 
  • Click and hold the left mouse button: your vehicle travels in the left lane

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