​Elastic Car

​Elastic Car is a creative game where you control an extremely elastic car! Get ready to race through the bustling streets of a vibrant metropolis, dodging obstacles and pushing the limits of your driving skills.

About ​Elastic Car 

The outstanding feature of "Elastic Cars" is the ability to change size quickly. By manipulating the car's size, you can control its speed and agility. Need to speed up? Shrink your vehicle to increase speed as it transforms into a streamlined power machine. The versatility of your car adds a whole new dimension to the traditional racing game experience.

Game Controls

Hold down the left mouse button and adjust the size of your car by moving the cursor up or down. Test your driving skills as you expertly navigate through a sea of vehicles, make daring overtakes, and earn extra points for risky maneuvers near other cars.


As you speed through the city streets, be prepared for unexpected turns. Always be on high alert because other vehicles can suddenly change lanes, requiring lightning-fast reflexes to avoid a collision. Look out for sparkling rewards that grant temporary invincibility and rev up your engine, pushing you to new record distances.

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