Dash Craft IO

Dash Craft IO is a multiplayer racing game that allows you to compete on circuits created by other users. Select from a variety of vehicles, publish your designs, and engage in competition on community-made courses!

What is Dash Craft IO

  • Play on courses made by the Dash Craft community and compete with other players. Each rival is the specter of a previous competitor who crossed the finish line. Outperform them on the leaderboard by beating their time!
  • Construct and distribute your works: Make your music and distribute it to other Dash Craft IO users. You can create spectacular and crazy tracks with the aid of various track elements and objects. To make the competition more interesting, you may also add boosters, ramps, checkpoints, and pylons to your road pieces.

Choose a vehicle and go off

The garage has a great assortment of vehicles for you to drive. Click Drive to start driving right away and do leaps, loops, and other tricks as you freely move around the arena!

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