Cloud Drive

Cloud Drive is an exciting game where you drive a car on cloud nine. We have nine levels with a variety of challenges and different terrains. From unpredictable clouds to gray clouds of rain and lightning, can you make it through and reach the finish line?

About Cloud Drive

On the highest cloud layer, you must control a car to the finish line to return to the mainland. Don't let the blue sky and floating white clouds distract you. You will have to overcome many challenges with many dangerous terrains to win. Accepting difficulties is the way to improve your driving skills!


Drive - Use W, D, X, or the Up or Right arrows
Reverse - Use S, A, Z, or the Down or Left arrows


Level 1: A Cloudy Day
Level 2: Cloud Hopper
Level 3: Sky Bridge
Level 4: Up It Goes
Level 5: Above And Below
Level 6: Rainy Day
Level 7: Bad Weather
Level 8: Thunderstorm
Level 9: Lightning Strike

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