City Car Driving Simulator 3D

Embark on City Car Driving Simulator 3D, an exhilarating virtual driving experience through the captivating streets of a beautiful night city. This game offers a realistic driving simulation that lets you cruise around in a variety of cool cars. Get ready to customize each vehicle to your liking by adjusting details like the wheels' slope, car height, driving characteristics, and even the body color before hitting the road!

About City Car Driving Simulator 3D

To dive into the action, simply select your preferred car and start your adventure. With no pedestrians in sight, the city is yours to explore freely. Whether you prefer a leisurely drive to soak in the night view or an adrenaline-pumping session of car collisions, the choice is yours!

Master Your Driving Skills with Special Keys

Navigate the city streets like a pro with the help of special keys that allow you to execute maneuvers like using the handbrake, slowing down, activating nitro boosts, and pulling off thrilling drifts. Whether you choose to drive like a law-abiding citizen, follow traffic rules and speed limits, or unleash your inner daredevil with high-speed chases and stunts, the game offers endless possibilities for fun and excitement.

Game Controls

  • Drive: Arrow Keys
  • Handbrake: Space
  • Nitro: F
  • Slow motion: G
  • Change the camera view: C
  • Headlights on/off: L
  • Engine start/stop: I
  • Car blinkers: Q

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