Burnout Drift 2

Burnout Drift 2 is the fiery racing game that is bound to leave you breathless. Get behind the wheel, customize your car, and drift your way to victory on the most extreme racetrack ever created. Are you ready to experience the ultimate adrenaline rush?

Customize Your Ride in Burnout Drift 2

  • Full Equipment: Before hitting the road, customize your ride by adjusting the suspension and body angle to match your driving style.
  • Personalization: Take it up a notch by adding a personalized paint job and alloy styling to make your vehicle stand out.

Game Features

  • Varied Tracks: Burnout Drift 2 features three distinct tracks, each offering unique weather conditions and road layouts.
  • Challenging Design: The tracks are designed with intricate hair twists and long curves that require precision and grace to navigate.

Master the Tracks 

  • Drift for Points: Earn points for every successful drift you execute on the tracks.
  • Score Multiplier: The longer you can sustain a drift, the higher your score multiplier will climb.
  • Beware of Road Sides: Be cautious not to hit the sides of the road, as it will reset your score multiplier.
  • Stay Focused: Maintain focus and keep your eyes on the prize to achieve the highest score possible.


  • Gas/brake: Use WS or up/down arrow keys.
  • Steering: Use AD or left/right arrow keys.
  • Handbrake: Press the spacebar.
  • NOS (Nitrous Oxide System): Press F to activate.
  • Slow motion: Hold the G button.
  • Engine: Press I to start or stop.
  • Gear up/down: Use left shift/ctrl keys.

Test your skills and strive to become a drifting legend in this thrilling sequel to Burnout Drift 2

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